The current real estate market is challenging. Scarce capital, high unemployment, and consumer/business spending cuts have deflated demand and driven down rental rates and sales prices. We help clients overcome challenges to achieve greater stability and liquidity. Our services include:

Accelerated Sales (Auctions)

Auctions let owners of properties, mortgage loans and REO liquidate holdings by a date certain in the most cost effective manner. We provide live, sealed bid, and online auctions of single assets and portfolios. In some cases, we can offer guaranteed results from absolute auction sales.

Turnarounds/Workouts; Receiverships

For property owners, investors and lenders faced with under or non-performing assets, we can assist with:

  • Property analyses, valuations and financial modeling
  • Loan renegotiations, restructurings and workouts
  • Recapitalizations and refinancings
  • Receivership, asset management, and property enhancement and repositioning

 Property Optimization & “Green” Projects

 We help design and complete, and in some cases fund, projects that optimize property performance. Those projects include “green” initiatives to improve building efficiencies and health, reduce costs, and attract more tenants and buyers.

Syndication Services

We help real estate sponsors with their offerings. As advisors, we assist with program design and implementation; creation of Broker-Dealer selling groups and identification of other capital sources; and maximizing sales through distribution channels.