Syndication Services

We have substantial experience in the real estate syndication industry. That experience includes successfully structuring and closing real estate securities offerings; building and managing wholesaling teams; developing a base of over 18,000 broker-dealers and sales professionals; and managing relations with thousands of investors. Leveraging our experience and relationships, we can help experienced and novice real estate securities sponsors improve prospects for successful offerings.  We can do so in a number of ways, including:

  • Preliminary product design and market testing
  • Building and managing a wholesaling team
  • Selecting due diligence review professionals, and negotiating price and engagement terms
  • Assembling a selling group of competent, FINRA-member broker-dealers
  • Creating and disseminating marketing materials to broker-dealer firms and registered representatives, independent financial advisors and other professionals
  • Penetrating non-retail channels for investor capital (including family funds and high net worth individuals)
  • Developing and driving use of webinars and other educational/marketing tools
  • Creating investor relations protocols and programs (including software)
  • Funding for property acquisitions and syndication costs