Team Resources

Members of our team have substantial experience in real estate, business, finance, securities, and law.  We integrate that experience with the resources of other established real estate funds and specialty service firms.

Meet some of our key team members:

Andrew. T. Nichols – Investments, Auctions & Advisory Services

Mr. Nichols’ background encompassing real estate investing, investment banking,  ownership and syndications; auctions; and law. He is well versed in solving real estate issues and creating investment and other opportunities.

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William Z. Fox — Commercial & Residential Auction Services

Mr. Fox has over 50 years experience in the auction and asset valuation/sales industries, and was one of the earliest innovators in the field of online auctions and hard asset management and sales.

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John Mabry — Commercial & Residential Auction Services

Mr. Mabry brings his experience in real estate acquisitions and management to the auction business.  He  understands real estate dynamics and applies that understanding to structuring and executing successful auction strategies.

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Richard Zimmerman – Advisory Services, and Mortgage Financing

Mr. Zimmerman has a deep history in the real estate syndications and mortgage lending. He has the unique ability to underwrite and evaluate real estate projects, and assist with their implementation, capitalization and financing.

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Steve Gosset, Jr. — “Green” Project Development and Finance

Mr. Gossett, Jr.’s background in engineering, construction and finance gives  him unique perspectives on “green” and other projects.  He is adept at making “green” programs affordable and effective for property owners.

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Steve Thomas — Project Management & “Green” Programs

Mr. Thomas is an Emmy Award winning television host and leading figure in real estate redevelopment.  His television series This Old House and Renovation Nation have showcased sophisticated green building and renovation projects nationwide.  Thomas is deeply committed to sustainable real estate.

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Michael DeCandia — Project Design and “Green” Project Development

Mr. DeCandia’s 35 years of real estate experience include being an award-winning architect, and having successfully developed properties for others and his own account. He is LEED certified and a leader in “green” development.

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Steven B. Atlass — Workout Services, Investments & Finance

Mr. Atlass’ experience in founding and operating banks, and in redeveloping and operating real estate projects gives him unique insights into issues and opportunities affecting lenders and property owners.

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