Turnarounds/Workouts; Receiverships—Help with Distressed Assets and for Troubled Companies

We help  lenders, owners, investors and their representatives work through issues and create opportunities for real estate assets. Our goal is to improve performance, reduce risks, and create liquidity by maximizing cash flows and sales values. We are experienced in resolving a broad spectrum of real estate challenges as advisors, investors and owners.  Those challenges include poor property or loan performance due to:

  • Market downturns
  • Borrower insolvencies and bankruptcies
  • Disfavored geographies, asset classes and property types
  • Large volume of regional or local foreclosures and distressed assets on the market
  • Tight credit and/or inability to access debt or equity capital
  • Poor property or entity management due to inexperience, over-extension, infighting, stalemates, etc.
  • Depressed, occupancies, rents and sales prices
  • Population ex-migrations
  • Plant closures, business contractions and other conditions driving high unemployment and low business and consumer spending
  • Physical conditions such as functional obsolescence, deterioration, operating inefficiencies, contamination, and zoning constraints
  • High carrying costs and declining values that make long-term marketing/sales periods uneconomical

Often, the foregoing challenges are inter-related, and the poor performance of a property or loan involves an amalgam of issues.  Addressing those issues requires an integrated, interdisciplinary approach.  We take that approach by combining our internal resources with those of highly experienced, strategic partners to provide the following services: