Property Optimization and “Green” Projects/Resources

We can facilitate and oversee property enhancement projects to reduce costs, ward off obsolescence, correct defects, change uses, and increase appeal and operating efficiencies. In some case, we can also assist with or provide project funding.We are particularly focused on sustainable (“green”) building programs, services and products to improve building health and, efficiency, reduce costs, and attract a broader spectrum of tenants and buyers. We apply an integrated set of skills to facilitate project design, development and finance, and can help overcome economic and other hurdles making “green” projects daunting. Our services for commercial and residential property owners include:

  • Building and systems assessments/recommendations for optimization and energy savings installations
  • Project design and installation
  • Ongoing,  energy savings monitoring
  • Project funding through a unique, modified energy services agreement
  • Sourcing of “green” building supplies, products and materials

Our “green” project funding program is a resource for property owners who want to go “green,” but are daunted by the costs and difficulties in quantifying cost recovery periods. Our financial model enables owners to complete installations with little or no out-of-pocket cost, and without risking tenant audits and conflicts over energy savings installation cost amortization. This financial package lets property owners, rather than tenants, enjoy the bulk of the benefits of “green” projects.


Katonah Architect Helps Homeowners Go Green