Passive Interests We can provide liquidity for investors in real estate securities, such as Tenant-In-Common, REIT, Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership interests. Where an investor needs cash, or is simply uncomfortable with begin locked into a long-term real estate holding, we will consider acquiring his or her ownership interest. We will do so even if we do not have control over or active involvement in the underlying real estate company or project.

To evaluate an acquisition, we need copies of the most recent two years’ tax returns and reports for the investment, as well as offering materials and amendments (if available). It generally takes us 4 – 6 weeks to evaluate and close a transaction, depending in part on the need for general partner, manager, and/or lender approvals.

We also offer solutions for investors in real estate syndications/securities projects that are underperforming. Through funding and other resources, we can become actively involved in the stabilization and turnaround of faltering projects, and can help avoid loss and improve performance. In such cases, we generally require a more active role in project management.